Michele Sabatino nasce il 26 giugno 1967 a Castellammare di Stabia in provincia di Napoli,vive da diversi anni a Rimini; di professione fa l’architetto e per passione coltiva quest’ultima ed altre forme artistiche,tra cui la pittura. “Non sono tanto bravo a parlare di me,quanto a mostrare le cose che so fare e che ho fatto durante il mio percorso di vita. Non sono tante ma per me tutte significative di un lavoro, di uno stato d’animo, di circostanze e non dettate dal caso. Faccio tutto questo per rendere partecipe chi ne ha voglia di una mia testimonianza su cosa sono e perché spero di essere utile in buona sostanza, oltre per farmi conoscere si intende”.Michele

Michael Sabatino is born June 26 th 1967 to Castellammare of Stabia in the province in Naples, where alive up to 25 years. Later he transfers himself to Naples where frequents the Faculty of Architecture, while from 2002 thin to he now lives in Rimini; of profession ago the architect and for passion he cultivates this last and other artistic forms, among which the painting. Of if he says: “I am not very good to speak of me, as for to show the things that I know how to do and that I have done during my run of life. They are not so many but for me all meaningful ones of a job, of a state of mind, of circumstances and not dictated by the case. I make everything this to make partecipe who has desire of it of one testimony of mine on thing I am and because I hope to be useful in good substance, further to make me know him intends.”

He has made his first show in November of 2009 to Waimes in Belgium with a good success from the criticism and of the local newspapers, followed by a show to Rome in April of 2010 where he has confirmed and increased the interest in his respects from the public.

Appearances give cordial and reserved, Michael reveals a sensitive vast internal world, illustrating his pictures with accurate and impassioned availability, not sheltering himself in technicalities but rather detailing every choice of color or he shows up with tones and formality that are not able not to also entangle who is not accustomed to the painting if not for mere individual taste.

A lived very intense, personal and troubled, that is not able not to hear again any daily precariousness, so dramatically actual to our days, both socially and from the sentimental point of view. Colors and forms illustrate internal runs, with tone sometimes “fiabesco” if not poetic, in a narrated pictorial very vivacious and animated but that the spectator doesn’t overwhelm.

Sabatino, as he is read in the effective introduction compiled by Massimo Maravalli, journalist of Profiles of Italy, “for the time being it is not catalogabile in any “ismos” and, as from himself declared in some interviews, an abstract “neoespressionista “can be defined.” Its works not only report an “affabulata” and variegated pictorial culture, but also the personal suffering also for the heavy materialities of today’s world and the desire of a world if more poetic, human.


  1. Ciao, come vedi dalla mia mia email sono un tuo omonimo….ed anch’io sono nato a castellammare di stabia ,ma sei originario di Sant’antonio Abate?

    Ciao piacere di conoscerti,sono originario di Castellammare e anche la mia famiglia lo è,ho visto dalla tua scheda che abbiamo più o meno gli stessi anni 🙂

    "Mi piace"


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